Mark Atkins

Didgeridoo Virtuoso. Artist. Musician.


As well as being a world renowned musician and Didgeridoo virtuoso, Mark is a talented prolific artist with art displayed and distributed throughout the world.

For more information about purchasing a unique artwork, contact Mark via the contact page of this website.

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Throughout the four movements, Mark Atkins’ didgeridoo score was not merely the garnish for the organ but a fully integrated personality in the sound textures. Atkins mapped a varied sonic territory, presenting a vast array of vocal interjections filtered through a range of different didgeridoos. His journeys conjured up worlds as different as the timeless outback and as transitory as contemporary electronic … the night belonged to Mark Atkins.
-The Age, Melbourne

Atkins draws his audience in so that you almost feel that you are sitting round a fire listening to his stories, stories told in music and in voice. He is a master storyteller, has a warm sense of humour, and he has music in his soul. The audience was entranced, moved one moment, laughing out loud the next.
-Australian Stage Online